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How to fix HP computer error code 303?

HP is worldwide acclaimed for its high-quality products. One such type of product that is manufactured by HP is its Printers. Though HP offers printers that are equipped with the latest technology and features, there can be times when users may face technical issues like error code 303, etc with these high-end devices also. In this post, we are going to talk about the methods to fix HP computer error code 303. The error occurs in the control panel and the technical issue can arise when the user starts using the HP printer without installing the drivers. If you have been facing this error, then need not to worry as we will help you to solve this error quite easily.

Steps to fix HP computer error code 303:

(Note: We will be presenting more than one solution method. You can continue trying the methods till the problem doesn't get resolved).

Method 1: Turn On & Off HP Printer:

The first and foremost basic step which we try for most of the errors in Printer is to just try to turn it off and on. To turn off the printer, press the power button situated on your printer. The printer may take up to 60 seconds to properly turn down.

Once the printer has been successfully turned off, again press the power button to turn back on the printer. If this method seems to work for you, then good! If not then try the other methods that are listed below.

Method 2: Clear Your Paper Jam!

Second method to fix HP computer error code 303 is of clearing the paper jam. To begin the process, you should carefully look for loose paper and if you found any, then just remove them. Next, you can open the printer cover top and clear the jammed papers. Finally, close the cover and then see if the issue has been resolved!

Method 3: Ensure that carriage is moving freely

This is the last and the most advanced method so we recommend you to carefully follow it. As this is a long procedure, we will be listing it in points.

Disconnect power cable from the back of your HP printer
Open your access door
Close your cartridge latch by completely taking it down
Before you proceed, you have to make sure that the carriage can move freely.
If you find any sort of trash in the path of carriage then completely remove it.
Finally, close the access door of the cartridge
Connect the cables and turn on your printer
The problem should have now got resolved!


We hope that the following methods displayed above helped you to solve HP computer error code 303. If you are still facing any issue or need technical assistance, then directly reach to our HP customer support number +1-877-917-4965. We will suggest you the efficient way to resolve the issue on calls, email and on live chat.

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